5th place at national final CyberChallenge.IT 2023

Congratulations to the guys of Team UniCA for the great national final of CyberChallenge.it!

14th place at m0lecon teaser 2023

Srdnlen among top 15 teams at m0lecon teaser 2023 and third italian team in the final scoreboard. The CTF was the third round of Cybercup.IT.

3rd place at RITSecCTF 2023

Good job for our team at RITSecCTF 2023. After a weekend of competition Srdnlen gained another podium.

4th place at Bo1lersCTF 2023

Srdnlen gained the top 5 of the final scoreboard of the Bo1lersCTF 2023. The CTF was one of the competition of the first edition of CyberCup.IT which is the new italian Capture the Flag tourname...

19th place at Insomnihack CTF 2023

Good result at Insomnihack CTF 2023 - Srdnlen among the top 20 teams in the final scoreboard. Thanks to the Insomnihack Team!

3rd place at Italian final CTFtime scoreboard in 2022

A great year for Srdnlen - 3rd and 55th place nationally and globally, respectively. May 2023 be full of new goals, Happy new year !

2nd place at HackappatoiCTF 2022

A great result at Hackappatoi CTF 2022. Proud to announce once of the best score for our team!

4th place at BuckeyeCTF 2022

A deserved fourth place gained by Srdnlen last weekend at Buckeye CTF 2022. Just 50 points from the podium!

Srdnlen CTF 2022

We are so happy to announce our first CTF starting on Saturday 8/10 at 12:00 CEST time. You will play with web, crypto, reverse, pwn, forensic and misc challenges for 24 hours, both if you are begi...

4th place at SPbCTF's Student

And also this time we partecipated in a CTF amd we managed to get good results!

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